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"That's right鈥攆or you've no call to be. I was driven to this, couldn't help myself. Besides, I'm no worse than a lot of women wot you call respectable鈥攁t least, I put some sort of a price on myself, if it's only five shillings. Now good night, young men, and thank you[Pg 405] for a very pleasant evening. I don't suppose as you'll ever see me again. And mind鈥攜ou tell father as, no matter the life I lead and the knocks I get, I've never once, not once, regretted the day I ran off from his old farm. Now mind鈥攜ou tell him that."

"I trust I'm not in the way," she said rather coldly, "but the storm is so violent, and the drifts are forming so fast, that I hope you will not mind my sheltering here.".
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"We won't tell him that, though, Davy鈥攚e'll make out as it's pure patriotic feeling on our part."?
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He also missed her in the house鈥攈er soft pale face and gentle ways. He forgot the sallowness and the peevishness of later years, and pictured her always with creamy roseal skin and timid voice. He was the only one who missed her. Mrs. Backfield's softer feelings seemed to have been atrophied by hard work鈥攕he grew daily more and more like a machine; the children were too young to care much, and Harry was incapable of regret. However, the strange thing about Harry was that he did indeed seem to miss someone, but not Naomi. For the first time since little Fanny's death he began to ask for her, and search for her about the house鈥"Where's the pretty baby?鈥攐h, save the pretty baby!" he would wail鈥"she's gone, she's gone鈥攖he pretty baby's gone."!
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"He's a stouter man than his brother.".
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